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Quavo, Inc. Releases Automatic Visa/Mastercard October Mandate Updates to Chargeback Software for Issuers

EAST LANSING, MI, October 15, 2021 – Earlier this month, Fintech provider Quavo Fraud & Disputes released its automatic software updates for the October 2021 Visa and Mastercard mandate updates to clients in an email featuring robust technical guides and multi-media training resources. Quavo is the only provider of chargeback management software to support issuers by keeping their platform up to date with regulatory and association mandate requirements. This effort is part of Quavo’s ongoing dedication to client experience, supporting users with automatic card network bulletin and association mandate updates to their fraud and dispute management SaaS solution, QFD®.

The announcement to Quavo clients featured a list of technical changes and reason codes affected in the October 2021 mandate release. Quavo’s training team published a video guide that walks clients through the specific changes in the QFD software for both front and back-office agents.

Joe McLean, Quavo’s CEO and Co-Founder, detailed the company’s commitment, “We ensure that industry compliance isn’t a problem for our clients. They entrust Quavo with handling the complexities of regulatory and mandate upkeep, intricacies like adjusting business rules, work routing, etc. In addition to being assured automatic compliance, our clients are provided with resources that explain bi-annual mandate updates and how it affects their process specifically.”

Quavo’s expertise and commitment to service give clients peace of mind knowing that their automated chargeback solutions are equipped to handle the challenges of constant industry changes and bi-annual mandates. Quavo’s QFD® dispute management software and ARIA® fraud management AI tool are the only cloud-based solutions of their kind, allowing for seamless updates and integrations. Quavo’s chargeback solutions feature API-enabled integrations with core banking platforms, financial service applications, merchant collaboration software, and major card networks (Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX). Quavo’s team of experienced fraud and dispute management experts support these solutions during and after the onboarding process to facilitate seamless regulatory, product, and UI/UX updates that do not require external IT resources, system interruption, or costly upgrades.

Quavo supports every bi-annual card association mandate release with online informational guides explaining how the latest updates affect the chargeback process in layman’s terms. These guides and other interactive, downloadable resources are available to the public and online at Quavo’s Knowledge Center. This is a hallmark of Quavo’s ongoing commitment to advancing industry standards for fraud and dispute management with expert-driven, easily accessible educational materials.

Quavo is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based dispute management solutions for financial institutions and Fintech organizations. Quavo offers turnkey, automated software solutions for disputes with complete Reg E and Reg Z compliance. Quavo’s premier software solutions are QFD® and ARIA®. QFD automates fraud and dispute processing workflows, from intake to case resolution. Our fraud management AI, ARIA, conducts the investigation process to reach decisions as a human would, in a matter of seconds. Quavo also provides add-ons to the QFD software, namely Dispute Resolution Experts™, our human intelligence service.

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