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ARIA® conducts fraud investigations as a human would, but without risking human error, to automatically deliver fraud claim decisions within seconds. This automated intelligence tool compiles all case information required for chargeback recovery, while upholding regulatory and mandate requirements.
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Resolving transactional fraud is complicated.

Resolving it with AI isn’t.

Let ARIA® do the work, so you can get back to business. 

Real fast fraud investigations. Real time fraud recovery.

ARIA Fraud Management AI logo

Resolving fraud claims is complicated.

Resolving it with ARIA isn’t.

Let AI do the tedious tasks so you can get back to business.

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Real-Time Resolution

Often it takes days or even months for issuers to complete an investigation and recover funds to an account. For account holders, this can feel like a lifetime of uncertainty and frustration. With ARIA®, investigations are completed in seconds to provide your customers with a resolution in real-time.

Reduced Fraud Losses

ARIA® collects all the required information for fraud claim investigations, regardless of volume or amount, without requiring additional resources. Confidently implement a digital self-service portal at intake without fearing an influx in claim volume. With our revolutionary fraud management automated intelligence tool, the cost to investigate and recover fraud claims won’t outweigh the cost of the claims themselves. Say goodbye to auto write-off losses and hello to increased recovery rates!


Consistent Decisions

Humans do not make consistent decisions. ARIA® does. Removing even the possibility for error goes a long way when it comes to compliance, process management, and customer service.

Quavo Reduces Losses

Auditable Case Information

ARIA® automatically compiles all case information and transaction data into one, easily accessible place. This is helpful for audits, but it also provides issuers with everything needed to complete a successful chargeback recovery without draining valuable time and resources. 

Quavo Reduces Losses

Ready to reduce fraud losses with automated intelligence?


You do not need QFD® in order to use ARIA®. ARIA® can be used with existing fraud and dispute management processes and/or software solutions to automate entire fraud investigations and deliver case decisions within seconds.
There are 2 distinct types of Automation in QFD®.  The first type, automated decisions, are available for the following decision points: automatic pay, provisional credits, authorization to posted transaction matching, sales draft requests, fraud reporting, fee identification, Chargeback reason code determination, general ledger determination, automatic representment acceptance. The second type, automated functions, are available for the following actions: block and reissue card, fraud reporting, accounting, letter sending (mail, email, and secure messaging), chargebacks, and representments.
If we have already integrated with your core processor, onboarding will be very quick. Depending on the scope of automation and availability of integration services required onboarding can take from 12 weeks up to several months.
For full automation, the following integration points are required: ARN, account number, auth code, card ID, acquiring network, customer information, account information, transaction details, network integration, block and reissue, accounting, email, mail, and document storage. View some examples of our integrations. 
QFD® automates dispute processing workflows for financial institutions and integrates with their core systems and channels, allowing account holders to report a dispute through a self-service portal, call center, or branch on a seamless and user-friendly platform. ARIA® is our AI solution that automates the reasonable investigation process and presents AutoPay, AutoDeny, and AutoRefer decisions in real-time to your account holders and agents on every channel. ARIA® is the industry’s only AI who performs the investigation, like a human would, and collects the data required by law to complete the investigation.
Quavo recommends a phased approach to ensure training and successful user adoption before adding additional features and functionality. The initial QFD® phase consists of establishing the front and back-office processes including integration, business rules, correspondence, and regulatory automation points. Subsequent phases include add-ons based on clients’ core business goals. We onboard our clients using industry and compliance best practices and allow for extensive configurations and custom development of interfaces with supporting platforms to ensure QFD® embodies your brand and account holder treatment while enhancing your customer experience. 
While there are dozens of benefits of implementing Quavo’s solutions and services the most notable will be the outstanding reduction to your operating costs and assured compliance. Our clients on average see a 50% reduction in operating costs over their current fraud and disputes process. Our team keeps you up to date with regulatory requirements and the latest card association mandates.

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