Restoring Financial

Over $577,002,856 recovered for 4,490,136 victims of financial fraud, merchant issues, and identity theft.

Fraud and dispute management on a whole new level.

It’s time to modernize your fraud and dispute management process. Stop relying on manual workflows, spreadsheets, and PDFs and start leveraging automation, automated intelligence technology, and human intelligence solutions with Quavo’s Disputes as a Service™ offering. 

Assured Regulatory Compliance

Our software's built-in Reg E, Reg Z, Nacha, and network association requirements and urgency-driven case prioritization helps eliminate human error. Quavo's Experts comb through pages of regulatory bulletins and apply the latest updates to our software so your team can focus on strategic business goals unhindered.

Faster Resolution Times

When disputes are resolved quickly and seamlessly, all parties can move forward. No time is wasted on contentious back and forth exchanges, and customers have a better experience. Resources can be applied in more productive arenas including reducing losses and increasing customer service.

Seamless Integration

Quavo’s fraud and dispute management solutions are cloud-based, integrating with core banking platforms, financial service providers, and merchant collaboration software without requiring additional resources from your tech team or ours. We eliminate the usual implementation complications by providing support before, during, and after onboarding to ensure a seamless transition to our automated solutions.

With fraud on the rise, financial institutions are experiencing increased demands. It’s no wonder so many banks, credit unions, and fintechs are adopting
Quavo's automated solutions.

End-to-End Dispute Management SaaS Solutions

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No matter where you are in your fraud and dispute management journey, Quavo’s Experts are here to help.

Our cloud-based solutions easily integrate with third-party banking systems


Clients who have implemented Quavo solutions have experienced, on average, a 50% reduction in operating costs over their current fraud and disputes process.

"If you are in an organization where your disputes team and fraud team are separate, Quavo makes it a lot easier to blend those teams."

Raquel Gilreath, VP, Senior Operations Department Manager


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