Automated Dispute Management Software

The Industry's Best Fraud and Disputes Platform for Issuers

QFD is a best-in-breed, cloud-based automated chargeback management software for issuing financial institutions. It’s the only dispute software that is automatically updated to be Reg E and Reg Z compliant. 

Is your fraud and dispute operations business costing your company money due to an inability to effectively recover losses or a lack of meaningful automation? Are the processes are inadvertently creating customer dissatisfaction? Quavo’s significant fraud, disputes, and intelligent business process management (BPM) experience make us uniquely positioned to help. It even features a Spanish language intake option.

Increase Satisfaction

Leverage a workflow that is reusable across call centers, financial centers, online banking environments and mobile channels.

Stay Compliant

Strategically placed automated decision points solve the industry compliance problem by allowing issuers to utilize time-sensitive SLA rules in relation to any impacting regulation.

Reduce Expenses

Automated decisions and actions can reduce or even eliminate the need for specialized agent interventions.

Reduce Losses

Move from a chargeback-centric approach to the claims problem and leverage recovery rules to make sure you always have the best chance at stopping losses.