Quavo believes in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where the best financial and tech minds work together to drive client success, providing groundbreaking dispute management software and solutions.


David Chmielewski
David Chmielewski Managing Partner

Dave is Quavo’s tech savant, credited with turning our vision for fraud and dispute management into a reality. At Quavo he leads all IT, UI/UX, technical, and development efforts. Dave possesses a unique ability to understand business needs while retaining deep expertise with technology and its capabilities. His work has been included in multiple patent filings and he has won multiple awards from Pega for contributions in innovation. Before Quavo, Dave was a Lead Technology Application Engineer at Bank of America.

Rich Jefferson
Richard Jefferson Managing Partner

Rich leads our business partnership expansion and fundraising efforts with his entrepreneurial experience, having launched successful software companies on a global scale. Rich has established multiple financial services companies specializing in mobile banking software, digital payments, and core banking platforms and utilizes his expertise to ensure Quavo’s mission to establish and advance the industry standard in fraud and disputes management is obtained.

Joseph McLean Managing Partner

Joe knows anything and everything there is to know about fraud and disputes. He is the leading expert in dispute management, regulatory requirements, back-office operations, and industry trends. At Quavo, Joe oversees all compliance, client operations, marketing, and fraud investigation teams. His goal is to revolutionize the way the financial industry approaches fraud and disputes, by first providing end-to-end SaaS solutions to all issuers, no matter their size. Before Quavo, Joe ran Bank of America’s dispute R&D and operations teams as the SVP of Consumer Relations.

Dan Penne
Dan Penne Managing Partner

Dan is our finance guru, applying his financial and technical engineering expertise to drive business growth and operational profitability. At Quavo he oversees finance, administration, security, legal obligations, and technical requirements. Dan is a certified scrum product owner with extensive experience in agile development for enterprise banking environments. Prior to Quavo, Dan was the Vice President & Technology Manager at Bank of America.


Leadership Team

Brittany Usher, Director of Client Operations, Brand, and Community
Brittany Usher Director of Operations, Brand, and Community

Brittany brings over a decade of business development and enterprise strategy experience in her role overseeing all operations teams including our newly launched brand, client development, client experience, and training teams. Her experience in fostering client relationships, building teams, developing training programs, and creating organizational structure and processes, has led to her continued success and expansion of her role helping define and execute our product and market strategies.

Nick Facca
Nick Facca Director of Technology

Nick is responsible for leading, acquiring, and developing the technical resources on Quavo’s implementation and managed support efforts. Nick oversees InfoSec IT and security compliance. With over 10 years of experience working closely with project teams and individuals, he knows how to meet goals and push through barriers. His ability to build relationships allows for a collaborative and comfortable team environment.

Devan Robertson
Devan Robertson Director of Product Research & Development

Devan is responsible for product research and development including the management and strategic direction of both the QFD and ARIA teams. Devan’s role drives the product road maps, specifically the vision of what the product is, how it captures the industry challenges, and when the various features and functions will be released. Devan is driven by a desire to transform the way all users interface with the dispute process by providing solutions that deliver intelligent automation and meaningful user interactions.

Jarred Rook
Jarred Rook Director of Dispute Resolution

Jarred joined Quavo in 2018, bringing 15 years of experience leading fraud claim teams at multiple Fortune-500 financial institutions including, Bank of America and Fiserv. At Quavo, he lead implementation efforts for several application types and helped develop new software. Jarred currently oversees Quavo’s Dispute Resolution Experts™ human intelligence team, with a focus on evolving the end-user experience. 


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