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Quavo’s Disputes as a Service™ offering features automated software, AI technology, and back-office investigation services for all issuing financial institutions and Fintech organizations.


Fintech Challenger Banks

Any organization that facilitates financial transactions is subject to the complex and evolving government regulations. Just like traditional banking institutions, Fintechs must have a fraud and dispute process. But unlike legacy institutions, that process doesn’t have to be manual or inefficient. By leveraging Quavo’s automated dispute resolution technology, Fintechs can continue to revolutionize the financial industry without succumbing to its age-old difficulty of managing fraud and disputes.

Fintech Challenger Banks
Credit Union

Credit Unions

Quavo understands the unique relationship between Credit Unions and their members. Our automated dispute management solutions assuage stressful member interactions with strategic intake questionnaires designed to get the right information the first time around, reducing callbacks and call times. Our software helps your team provide consistent decisions to your members, as quickly as possible. 

Traditional Bank


It’s time to change the way banks handle disputes. Quavo’s Disputes as a Service™ offering was developed to provide enterprise chargeback management solutions for all banks. Our cloud-based QFD™ software features limitless integrations, as well as a pay-per-action pricing model to evolve with your business needs. Banks that already have a third-party or custom in-house solution can further automate their process with ARIA®, our fraud management automated intelligence tool. ARIA® can work with existing chargeback management software to automatically resolve disputes, as a human would, within seconds. No matter what your situation calls for, Quavo has a solution.

Traditional Bank

From intake to recovery, financial institutions and Fintech organizations revolutionize their approach to chargeback management with Quavo's automated solutions. Dive into real-world examples of how issuers leveraged Quavo technology to streamline their fraud and dispute process.

The Disputes as a Service™ Offering

ARIA® conducts fraud investigations as a human would, but without risking human error, to automatically deliver fraud claim decisions within seconds. This automated intelligence tool compiles all case information required for chargeback recovery, while upholding regulatory and mandate requirements.
Built for issuers, developed for users. Quavo's experts developed a cloud-based chargeback management software that features automated workflows, assured compliance, seamless digital banking integrations, and continued support after onboarding.
Dispute Resolution Experts™ are a team of experienced fraud and dispute analysts who use Quavo's QFD™ software to investigate and resolve claims for issuers looking to outsource or supplement their back-office investigation team.
Our consulting team has decades of combined financial services, fraud investigation, and IT experience at some of the nation's largest banks. Quavo's consulting service is ideal for organizations looking for industry experts to assess their current fraud and dispute process, identify areas for improvement, provide custom or out-of-the-box chargeback management software support, and help onboard their team to a new process.

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