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Quavo Integrates with Symitar Epysis SymXchange

Quavo Fraud and Disputes automated dispute management software, QFD®, seamlessly integrates with Symitar’s Epysis® core platform through the SymExchange™ API. This integration allows credit unions to deploy QFD’s automated fraud and dispute solution with zero implementation fees.

SymXchange is an interface that enables third-party vendors and credit unions to access Episys core data and business rules by supporting interactive data exchange. Developers can use the interface for actions such as posting transactions, executing multi step processes, running PowerOn® scripts, or querying, deleting, and editing data. The integrity of core
system data is maintained throughout any data exchange because access to business rules and data is managed through a service layer which governs these interactions.1

QFD’s interface with Epysis through SymExchange makes it possible for Quavo to obtain and exchange data necessary when automating the fraud and disputes process. Data regarding:

  1. Demographics – Through SymExchange, QFD® searches for and retrieves information about credit union membership to allow for automated communication about the dispute process and channel preference. Next, QFD® locates share and loan details for deposit and credit card arrangements, allowing the platform to apply appropriate regulatory
    handling of the dispute, and further locate transaction details. These details, like vendor name, time of purchase, and geographical location, are crucial for agents investigating whether a claim is legitimate or to apply automation for recovery.
  2. Accounting – Data exchange with accounting departments allows agents to provide provisional credit during a fraud investigation, right from the QFD® platform, at the click of a button. This can be automated, allowing credit to be applied within seconds of filing a dispute. With full general ledger adjustment capability, the complete dispute lifecycle is seamlessly integrated with accounting systems that would otherwise be difficult to reconcile in a traditional dispute management environment.
  3. Card Maintenance – Agents can block and reissue cards right from the QFD® platform. All actions are immediately communicated with the Epysis core platform, taking effect in real time. Blocking cards in a timely manner is extremely important in fraud situations, especially for disputes filed directly online where an agent is not present to perform the action themselves.
When it comes to fraudulent activity, your members want access to information in real time. With QFD, they can see results in real time. QFD’s integration with SymXchange makes this possible by exchanging data from the Epysis core platform and making it all available during the intake process within seconds.

QFD takes this information and automates the dispute processing workflows for credit union agents, allowing account holders to report a dispute through a self-service portal, call center, or branch on a seamless and user-friendly platform.

Other fraud management services require manual workarounds with Epysis, like batch feeds and manual entry processes. No other company offers a full, multi-point solution for Epysis credit unions that is completely automated. QFD does not require any custom integration development, from your IT team or ours.

QFD is further enhanced by dedicated product and industry experts who build and deploy updates to stay ahead of industry trends, bi-annual association mandates, and client-driven product enrichment to provide a solution that is fully compliant and built to grow with your business.


Jennifer Marshall Growth Marketing Manager

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