Quavo is the world’s leading provider of fraud and dispute solutions for credit card, debit card, e-transactions, and more, to financial institutions. We offer full, end-to-end automation software for financial disputes, with Reg E and Reg Z compliance. Our premier solutions are Quavo Fraud & Disputes (QFD)™ and ARIA, Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent™.

QFD automates financial institutions’ processing workflows and integrates with their core systems and channels, allowing customers/members to report a dispute through a self-service portal, call center, or branch.

ARIA automates the entire disputes process, from intake to case decisions, by applying tried and tested algorithms to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

Quavo also provide add-ons to its QFD software, namely our Dispute Resolution Experts™ (DRE)  human intelligence service. With DRE, our fraud and disputes experts manage the back office tasks for clients looking to outsource or supplement back office staff. Clients maintain customer/member-facing interactions and all teams operate on the QFD platform. DRE is located out of our operations center in Phoenix, AZ.

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