Fraud and Dispute Consulting

Our consulting team has decades of combined financial services, fraud investigation, and IT experience at some of the nation's largest banks. Quavo's consulting service is ideal for organizations looking for industry experts to assess their current fraud and dispute process, identify areas for improvement, provide custom or out-of-the-box chargeback management software support, and help onboard their team to a new process.

Quavo's fraud and dispute consultants boast decades of financial services, fraud investigation, and IT experience at some of the nation's largest banks. We are leaders in the field of chargeback management solutions for issuers - and we're here to help you.

Overhauling your claims shop may seem like a daunting prospect. Let our experts guide the way. 


Improve processes

Our experts review how clients currently manage workloads and case prioritization, offering guidance which tasks are required and which are redundant.

Reduce Losses

Our consultants will help you identify where, why, and how you can reduce losses to fraud and dispute claims.

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Staff Augment

Staff augmentation

Building an in-house solution and require additional developers? Need to supplement your back-office investigation team? Our consultants will help you identify staffing challenges and how to overcome them. 

Implementation and training

We offer comprehensive training in how to integrate and onboard new chargeback management software and technology without disrupting your daily operations. 


Overhauling current processes can seem complicated. Quavo's experts make it simple.

Our fraud and dispute consultants deliver process recommendations and customized solutions tailored to your organization’s specific budget, needs, and goals.


If we have already integrated with your core processor, onboarding will be very quick. Depending on the scope of automation and availability of integration services required onboarding can take from12 weeks up to several months.
After installing QFD our clients will see happier account holders, reduced expenses, elimination of regulatory errors, and higher recovery rates. Read First Tech’s Success Story to learn more.  Clients that use ARIA reduce losses to fraud claims and remove the possibility of human error. Read the ARIA whitepaper to learn more.
Yes. Quavo’s fraud and dispute experts analyze pages of bi-annual association mandates and then work with our developers to automatically update Quavo’s software accordingly. Updates are provided to clients every April and October in accordance with any changes to network rules, significantly streamlining the fraud management process.
QFD™ automates dispute processing workflows for financial institutions and integrates with their core systems and channels, allowing account holders to report a dispute through a self-service portal, call center, or branch on a seamless and user-friendly platform. ARIA™ is our AI solution that automates the reasonable investigation process and presents AutoPay, AutoDeny, and refer decisions in real-time to your account holders and agents on every channel. ARIA is the industry’s only AI who performs the investigation, like a human would, and collects the data required by law to complete the investigation.
Quavo recommends a phased approach. Typically we suggest on-boarding agent facing intake with a largely manual back office process as Phase 1 allowing you to become accustomed to the workflow and immediately solve any SLA issues. From there we add in functions that solve typical pain points beginning with intake in digital channels, network integration and work through back office automation until all features you have requested are successfully part of your solution.

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