Team Spotlights

We believe in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where the best financial and tech minds work together to drive client success, providing groundbreaking dispute management solutions. Learn more about the great minds driving Quavo forward.
Connor Gelinas HEadshot

Senior System Architect

Connor Gelinas

As I continue to grow with Quavo, I hope to broaden my abilities as a developer and be there to help guide and direct teams as they inevitably expand.
Aafie Somers Headshot

Technical Training Specialist

Aafie Somers

Quavo leadership believes in empowering employees to use their expertise and experience to do good work.
Adriana Corrales Carvajal Headshot

System Architect

Adriana Corrales Carvajal

Working for the foundation team and having the opportunity to contribute to building a solution that helps our clients handle their customer’s claims is a way to fulfill my dream of helping many!

Senior Framework Architect

Dan Kenemer

Since joining Quavo, I have been a lead system architect for QFD®, and I continue to help guide the direction, design the system, and implement the solution as it matures and expands functionality.
Billy Vivian Headshot

Framework Architect

Billy Vivian

QFD® is an application unlike many of the other projects I have been on. It is vast, complex, and sometimes intimidating. As a Framework Architect on the Product Support Team, I get to analyze and triage so many aspects of the application that I am constantly exposed to something new.
Zach Holliday Headshot

Release Engineer

Zach Holliday

One of my top priorities has been diversifying my skill set, and I look forward to progressing in new areas.
Philip Levonchuck Headshot

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Philip Levonchuck

What I value about the Quavo culture is the people within the company, the way the people are treated, and the investment everyone has in making Quavo a great company.
Bearded man smiling wearing a green button up shirt

Senior Application Architect

Timothy Risch

I look forward to continuing to aid in Quavo’s success, with the hope of being able to work on new projects outside of QFD® implementations.
Jon Lindsey Headshot

Director, Engineering

Jon Lindsey

Some items include our internal infrastructure, our ARIA® platform, onboarding new QFD® clients, and helping with the maintenance of some…

Client Services Manager - Product Services

Jeff Abner

I handle all the implementation work for our clients that are not in the onboarding process. I work closely with the Client Experience team providing support to clients…
Bearded man wearing glasses smiling outside

Technical Training Manager

Ben Anderson

I have the opportunity to interact with our clients as the first demos we do with clients, all the way through onboarding…

Product Research Manager

Jacob Harris

My job challenges me to make our Disputes as a Service offering better for our current and potential clients. I enjoy diving deep into the…
Chadd Marks Headshot

Client Services Manager - Product Releases

Chadd Marks

The most meaningful part of my role is helping our clients understand what they are receiving in each version and how this upgrade will improve the QFD® software.
Brandon Jozlin-headshot

Senior Framework Architect

Brandon Jozlin

“Brandon Jozlin has always been one of Quavo’s most dedicated employees. Lately, he has been providing guidance and leadership to a client onboarding initiative and both companies greatly appreciate the effort he has put in…”
Nicole Labno, Business Support Lead

Business Support Lead

Nicole Labno

Quavo culture, to me, is the ability to succeed while being your true self…
Jerome Recker, Senior Framework Architect

Senior Framework Architect

Jerome Recker

I thrive in an environment where I can work hard, play hard, and not worry about being micromanaged, and Quavo provides me that opportunity…

Junior Graphic Designer

Kylie Newell

Having a job that constantly encourages me to grow as a person and as a professional is extremely meaningful…

Brand Marketing Associate

Julia Lum

My favorite thing about Quavo is that individuals can truly grow within the company, not just professionally but also personally.

Framework Architect

Andy Weedman

The scope of my work extends further than a typical developer, which is one of my favorite things about working for this company…
Young man in a pink polo with blond hair.

Sales & Marketing Intern

Devon Anderson

My favorite project I have worked on so far would be an article I wrote surrounding why financial institutions might fall out of compliance. I love knowing that I contributed to our knowledge base…
Spencer Kozal

Sales & Marketing Intern

Spencer Kozal

I’ve been fortunate to work with Jarred Rook and Devan Robertson. They are experts in this industry, sharing incredible insight into how FIs can leverage the power of automation…
Kaleb Robertson

System Architect Intern

Kaleb Robertson

The Quavo community is eager to see others succeed and provides you with the guidance, leadership, and encouragement to aid one another…
Matt Libiran

System Architect

Matt Libiran

I appreciate the collaborative environment Quavo creates from top to bottom. Everyone I’ve worked with has always been open-minded to new ideas…
Camden Wilder

Strategic Operations Analyst

Camden Wilder

I first began working for Quavo, Inc. as a finance intern in the spring of 2019 while pursuing my accounting degree at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College…
James Rook

System Architect

James Rook

I joined Quavo shortly after obtaining my Pega CSA certification. My path here was not exactly the industry standard…
Jennifer Sibert Marshall, Quavo Marketing Manager

Head of Marketing

Jennifer Sibert Marshall

As the Head of Marketing at Quavo, Jennifer responsible for executing marketing projects to drive corporate revenue goals.
Joy Drassler

Sales Development Representative

Joy Drassler

It’s my job to develop and guide the client relationship from initial contact through to sales qualification and, ultimately, successful software deployment…

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