James Rook

System Architect

I joined Quavo shortly after obtaining my Pega CSA certification. My path here was not exactly the industry standard. I spent a decade in Emergency Medicine and a few years of teaching. Throughout those years, I was perpetually dabbling in information security My eclectic skillset and insatiable pursuit of knowledge lined up perfectly with Quavo. The most important thing to me about the Quavo culture is the team. I am surrounded by industry experts who continuously raise one another to new heights.

Now, I work with our QFD® automated dispute management software as an implementation developer. Every day I get to design solutions to problems impacting real people, which is one of the most valuable things about my role as a Fintech developer.

Working at Quavo has enabled me to achieve both personal and professional goals. I attained my Senior System Architect certification while working here and I plan on working towards the Lead System Architect. Financial technology and dispute management are industries that continue to fascinate me, and I’m, always excited to see where they take me next.

I currently live in Minneapolis. Outside of work, I am an avid maker and breaker of, well, things! I enjoy taking things apart to see how they work (bonus points if I can put it back together).

James Rook

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