Spencer Kozal

Sales & Marketing Intern

What is your position at Quavo? How long have you been with the company?  

I am currently a Sales and Marketing Intern at Quavo and have been with the company for about 11 months. I have taken on many different hats throughout my time as an intern. I had the opportunity to work on branding, client development, and customer/user experience projects. I also support our sales and marketing team by aiding in developing new leads into potential business. Along with expanding campaign and website content, I research and write articles highlighting industry trends and insights.  

How did you end up at Quavo? 

Approaching the end of my junior year, I knew it was essential to have an internship on my resume. However, due to COVID-19, internship opportunities were sparse. One of my fraternity brothers, Cam Wilder, told me about an open interview event that allowed me to connect with Quavo and its managing partners. During that time of uncertainty, the Quavo team displayed a sense of security – and they offered me a sales and marketing internship position.   

What is the most informational task assigned to you at Quavo? 

My favorite and most informational project would be an article I enjoyed creating alongside my Marketing Manager, Jennifer Marshall. The article was part of our “Did you know…?” series about little-known facts in the industry. In preparation for writing the article, I spoke with Quavo’s Director of Dispute Resolution, Jarred Rook, and Director of Product Devan Robertson. They provided incredible insight into how financial institutions can leverage the power of automation to increase dispute response times and, thus, overall core business processes.  

Give a glimpse of your future! Where do you see your future self? 

Following my graduation from Michigan State University, I will be fulfilling a Client Development Associate position here at Quavo in May. I am looking forward to continuing my growth in the financial services industry and learning from the Client Operations, Brand, and Community Team (COBC). My aspirations as a professional are to become trusted in the financial services industry and become an expert in fraud and disputes.  

Can you provide some insight into what the work environment is like at Quavo? 

The work environment happens to be my favorite thing about interning at Quavo. My team leaders and other co-workers at Quavo understand the workload of balancing school and an internship. The most relevant takeback I have gotten from Quavo is the importance of a work-life balance. Quavo believes in the importance of giving yourself a chance to take a step back and breathe. We are all human. An invaluable quality our leaders hold is promoting a healthy, positive, and efficient workplace. A huge plus is there is never a lack of happy hours!  

What are some activities that you do outside of work? 

Outside of work, I enjoy playing golf, snow skiing, and being with friends. One day, I hope to move out west, specifically Colorado, to experience some of the best skiing and most elaborate golf courses the country has to offer.  

Spencer Kozal

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