Nicole Labno

Business Support Lead

I joined the Quavo team in August of 2020, mid-pandemic. Coming from a large corporation, I was nervous about joining a smaller company, but looking back, it was the best decision I could have made. I was hired as a Dispute Resolution Expert and immediately felt like part of the team. I’ve since been promoted to Business Support Lead.

My role here at Quavo is the Business Support Lead for Operations. I help onboard and train our new analysts and continue to act as support as they transition into their roles. Being one of the points of contact for the new employees is very exciting to me. I felt so accepted here when I initially started, and I want others to have that same experience. 

Quavo culture, to me, is the ability to succeed while being your true self. We have a diverse group of people in the company and within Operations. We are great as a team due to our efficiency, accuracy, and industry knowledge, but I think our success in that is due primarily to the care each of us has for one another. We have honest conversations, and there is no judgment. We feel free to give our perspective and are open to hearing other views of those around us. I think Quavo culture is about being genuine.

Working in Operations has always been a sweet spot for me. I love to teach and help to develop others. Quavo has so many exciting opportunities that lay ahead, and I’m eager to grow within Quavo as the company becomes a leader in the FinTech world.

I have quite a few hobbies to take up my free time. I love to bake treats of all kinds, though cookies seem to be my specialty. I’ll take any chance I can to be outside. Hiking is a must. Painting is my final hobby though that is a talent in progress.

I currently reside in Avondale with my husband Zach and two dogs, Ruger and Winnie. When we were 12, my husband and I met, started dating at 17, and got married at 21. We rescued our pups when we were stationed in San Antonio in 2016.

Nicole Labno, Business Support Lead

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