Chadd Marks

Client Services Manager - Product Releases

I found out about Quavo while I was camping with a current employee and friend, Jake Wile. He spoke very highly of Quavo and informed me that I would be a great addition to the company. I first joined as a Testing Engineer and held that position for about a year and a half. I was then promoted to Client Services Associate and later promoted to Client Services Manager – Product Releases. I am currently in charge of all of our client’s upgrades. I oversee the process of upgrading our clients to the newest version of our automated dispute management software, QFD™. This process includes answering questions about the latest version, identifying and fixing bugs before upgrading production, and answering queries around testing. 

The most important thing about the Quavo culture is our “work hard, play hard” mentality. Every day we work hard to ensure our product is the best it can be to our clients. We put in a lot of effort to keep our clients happy while having fun at the same time.          

The most meaningful part of my role is helping our clients understand what they are receiving in each version and how this upgrade will improve the QFD™ software. It’s always exciting sharing the new features with an upgrade while providing ongoing support to our clients after onboarding.     

Looking to the future, I see myself still working at Quavo. I am eager to continue making the upgrade process seamless and watching our products get better with each update. I hope to continue advancing within our company and one day be a director. I know our company is headed in the right direction, and I am excited to be a part of Quavo’s future.    

I like to lift weights, watch football, and spend time with friends and family in my free time. I also enjoy reading fantasy series and staying caught up with new TV shows and movies. I currently live in southwest Michigan with my girlfriend and our dog, Marty McFly, and our cat, Miriam Maisel (Midge).         

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