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Quavo Fraud & Disputes Sponsors Tearsheet’s 2022 Power of Payments Conference

Last week, Quavo Fraud & Disputes sponsored Tearsheet’s 2022 Power of Payments Conference. Quavo’s SVP of Revenue, Brittany Usher took the stage and addressed how banks can leverage automation to overcome market and human capital volatility during the recession. Contrary to popular belief, automation is saving jobs, not replacing them. Usher dives into how banks are automating internal, heavily regulated processes to streamline payments and improve customer experience while preventing operational disruptions from economic downturns, COVID-19, and The Great Resignation.


Quavo’s team of Experts were on-site discussing their Disputes as a Service chargeback management offering for issuers. The offering features automated software, automated intelligence technology, and back-office fraud and dispute investigation services. Quavo’s automated SaaS solutions are cloud-based, eliminating lengthy implementation times. What’s more, these solutions require zero implementation fees and feature a pay-per-transaction pricing model. 

If you did not have a chance to connect with one of our experts or if you would like to learn more about our Disputes as a Service™ offering, visit us online or via email at

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