Rex Richardson

Client Experience Manager

I have been in the banking industry for over 17 years. When co-workers of mine shifted their career paths and joined Quavo, I made it a personal and professional goal to also join the Quavo team. A few months later, I was hired in initially as a Business Architect. Now I am the Client Experience Manager.  

My role is to engage all clients and help build a supportive and prosperous relationship. My primary focus is to be a part of our client journeys and ensure they feel that engagement throughout. Clients seem to respond well to support. Quavo makes sure our clients that we are not just a vendor but a factor in their overall solution and success. The importance of client’s success stories can lead to new references and recommendations.  

Having a voice in big decisions that are made is very important to me. I value when higher management includes all employees to use their voice during conversations. I feel it is crucial for the development of the individual and the evolution of the company. Quavo does a great job of including people with varying backgrounds and experiences to be a part of the conversation, and I very much appreciate this aspect of our culture.  

First and foremost, my future consists of building Client Experience into an absolute necessity for the industry. Providing clients with a proactive approach to problem-solving, setting up standards for how they interact with Quavo and any other vendor, and giving clients the service and expertise they need will create a whole new aspect of our industry. This direction is not limited to setting up Quavo as an industry leader with the services and applications we offer but also how clients are supported and what they should expect in a business relationship.  

I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in Chandler, AZ. When I’m not working, I love anything to do with sports. I keep up with all professional sports, so you’ll frequently find me playing sports during my off time, basketball being my favorite. I love spending time with my kids doing a handful of activities with them. I have six children; so, we are a busy family, and there is never a shortage of something or someone keeping us active.

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