Jeff LeFevre

Senior Framework Architect

My Quavo journey began before the company even had a name! I’m a Senior Framework Architect, so I spend half of my time writing code for our software and the other half designing applications, architecting solutions, code reviewing, assisting fellow developers, releasing code, and supporting production systems.   

My favorite part of my job is problem-solving; I get excited inventing new solutions for fraud and dispute management and seeing them come alive from ideas to real-life applications. I also like being client-facing because it means I can listen to concerns and ideas directly from the source – the people using what I build.  

I have held several positions during my time at Quavo. I initially worked as a contractor for the Census Project. I then took over as Aruba Bank’s KYC implementation developer. I continue to lead our Pega Customer Service implementations and Quavo KYC product build, focusing both on QFD automated dispute management software and working with our support team to develop new tools and processes that streamline client experience. 

The most important part of the Quavo culture to me is our work hard, play hard mentality. Even as we’ve grown and become a more serious player in our industry, we’ve kept our light-heartedness and continued not to take ourselves too seriously. I think this is a big part of our success and helps us work together as a team.  

It is hard to say where I see myself in the future because if you asked my past self where I would be today, I would not have said “Framework Architect.”  Six years ago, I knew nothing about the banking industry and was not a developer. I am a very go-with-the-flow person. I enjoy new opportunities, whatever they may be, so I look forward to seeing how my career advances at such an innovative and rapidly growing company.  

I live in New Jersey but will be moving back to Philadelphia soon. I love going out to new restaurants and bars with friends, traveling, or playing sports outside of work. I also enjoy golf, skiing, shooting pool, and spike ball and have recently gotten into running.   

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