Quavo Fraud & Disputes Listed as Sole Banking Chargebacks & Disputes Solution Provider in About-Fraud’s Mid-Year 2022 Premier Solution Report

In About-Fraud’s Mid-Year 2022 Solution Providers infographic released this week, Quavo Fraud & Disputes was categorized as the only partner profile to offer chargeback and dispute solutions with a banking focus. Quavo’s platform QFD™ is unique in being the only cloud-based SaaS for the issuer side of the chargeback process.  

About-Fraud Mid-Year Solution Provider infographic 2022


Quavo offers turnkey, automated software solutions for disputes with complete Reg E and Reg Z compliance. Quavo’s premier software solutions are QFD™ and ARIA™. QFD™ automates fraud and dispute processing workflows, from intake to case resolution. Our fraud management automated intelligence tool, ARIA™, conducts the investigation process to reach decisions as a human would in a matter of seconds. Quavo also provides add-ons to the QFD™ software, namely Dispute Resolution Experts™, our human intelligence service. 

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