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Quavo Fraud & Disputes to Pay 100% of Select Employee Healthcare Plans

EAST LANSING, MI, November 23, 2021 – This month, fintech provider Quavo Fraud and Disputes announced new plans to support employees with additional healthcare coverage benefits. Quavo is simplifying healthcare elections by offering to pay up to 100% of plan fees of select plans. In addition to the company’s minimum wage policy for employees implemented last year, this announcement underscores Quavo’s continued commitment to assuring employees have access to adequate, affordable healthcare for both themselves and their families.

Quavo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Joe McLean, highlighted the importance of this announcement, “We don’t want our people worried about basic necessities, the cost of health care being one. As a private company, we can make that a reality. We know our employees should be paid fairly and have access to healthcare for themselves and their families. We want our employees to be happy and pass that positive attitude onto our clients. This is a great benefit to our people and their families.”

The company indicated that it would also begin paying a higher percentage of premiums for plans, not 100% covered by Quavo, regardless of plan type. Additionally, Quavo will continue its policy of providing a monthly subsidy to those employees who opt-out from company-provided healthcare coverage. “Our employees work hard and contribute to Quavo every day. We want to give back to our people and our company and show them how much we value their efforts,” said Dan Penne, Quavo’s CFO and Co-Founder. “Ultimately, we would not be a company without all of our employees. Through providing a flexible work schedule, competitive 401k package, unlimited PTO, and now increasing our contributions towards healthcare, these are just some of the ways we would like to show our appreciation towards our people.”

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