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From Loss to Recovery: Quavo’s Cutting-Edge Recapture Technology Explained

In the realm of financial fraud and dispute management, traditional measurements like chargeback submission rate, chargeback win rate, and total write-offs are commonly used to gauge success. However, these metrics only scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the full financial impact of fraud and disputes on issuers. 

Enter Quavo’s recapture technology, which revolutionizes the way financial institutions handle losses during fraud and dispute processes. Recapture essentially means preventing any financial loss at various stages by automating processes or guiding users to the best outcomes. 


Quavo’s Recapture Technology capitalizes on five key operational recapture opportunities:  

  1. Denying first-party fraud investigations 
  2. Rejecting accountholder liabilities 
  3. Facilitating accountholder dispute withdrawals 
  4. Enabling merchant refunds leading to dispute withdrawals 
  5. Achieving successful chargeback outcomes 


Within Quavo’s QFD® and ARIA® Solutions, Recapture Technology opportunities abound:  

  • ARIA recommendation of a denial based on risk factors that indicate likely first-party fraud or account holder liable scenarios. 
  • QFD presenting timely and accurate information to investigators during the initial investigation process that leads to a first-person fraud/account holder liable denial.  
  • QFD’s day-one chargeback process that immediately files a chargeback with the network once a dispute is submitted.  
  • QFD’s interaction app that allows account holders to withdraw disputes via self-service.  
  • QFD’s interaction app that allows account holders to provide additional information, leading to more accurate chargebacks via self-service.  
  • QFD’s merchant refund algorithm that will review accounts for merchant refunds that correspond to a dispute.  
  • QFD’s representment network integration that places representments in front of investigators in a timely and organized manner.  
  • QFD’s regulatory framework that combines Regulation E and Z timelines with network guidelines to ensure that recapture opportunities are not missed due to regulation dates.  
  • QFD’s generative AI for representments that organizes representment documentation into an easy-to-understand format to assist dispute investigators.  


By leveraging Quavo’s recapture technology, clients have achieved remarkable results. Industry averages for recapture stand at around 66.9% for billing disputes, 63.3% for fraud disputes, and an overall average of 64%. Quavo’s clients boast an impressive 83% recapture rate overall, with top clients reaching 95%. Even in the member-centric Credit Union sector, Quavo’s clients achieve an average recapture rate of 76%. This recapture rate translates to reduced losses of over 50% for Quavo clients vs. industry averages.

Through diligent efforts to uphold financial integrity, maintain regulatory compliance, automate processes, and prioritize accurate outcomes for account holders, Quavo has set a high standard in the industry. Clients benefit from reduced expenses, efficient operations, and exceptional recapture rates, ensuring that every dollar in a dispute is managed effectively and responsibly. Reach out to one of our experts today to learn more. 

Joseph McLean CEO & Co-Founder

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