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From Initial Doubt to Reaping Benefits: Unraveling the Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

When it was announced that work would be outsourced to a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, members of Quavo’s Dispute Resolution Experts (DRE) team were concerned about potential job loss. This is a common worry when outsourcing becomes a topic of conversation, regardless of industry. Introducing a service provider can be uneasy if it is not presented in a way that promotes the curated culture within your team or is handled with care.

The DRE team’s culture has always been focused on “care.” We care about our clients, expertly developed processes, and successful recoveries, but mostly, we care about our people. We take pride in using our clients’ feedback to drive our work practices and identify the root-cause of their concerns to effectively offer solutions. As a leader of the DRE team, I care about my team’s career aspirations, and how I can support them in fostering the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals. The DRE team cares about how, together, we make a global impact.

Shortly after onboarding the service provider, the DRE team swiftly began to reap the benefits. The addition of more staff members who share our focus on client satisfaction and people’s needs was a significant advantage. These benefits were not confined to the DRE team alone; they extended to our clients and the BPO team as well.

Client Benefits

• Efficient claim volume reduction
• Ability to quickly staff up for any volume spikes, whether annual or unexpected, enhancing the cardholder experience
• Allows for the DRE team to handle high dollar and complex cases as well as assist BPO with any needed points of clarity, overall reducing dispute losses
• Ensured regulatory and network compliance

BPO Team Benefits

• The staffing vendor’s employees continue to develop skills in the fraud disputes space
• Global collaboration to improve procedures and recoveries

DRE Benefits

• Agents can now hone in and specialize their expert skillset. Complex/uncommon claims like issuing merchant authorization, high dollar disputes, and post-chargeback assignments such as arbitration are handled by the local DRE team, ensuring accuracy to better impact the cardholder, and thus, the client. This has helped improve the overall confidence in working on these claims, resulting in fewer mistakes and improved recoveries.
• The addition of a staffing vendor has allowed the DRE team to spend more time creating and improving procedures. Not only is this helpful for the department’s day-to-day, but it also is a great skill set to develop. We have found that when the team feels their opinions matter, they are more likely to speak up on ways they think the department can be improved. It has brought a new meaning to DRE being collaborative rather than reactive. Additionally, more time can be allotted to Quality Analysis, furthering the improvement of the DRE team and BPO recoveries and accuracy in claim review.
• With the operational work moved to the staffing vendor, the DRE team can explore other career opportunities that might interest them in a department-by-department way. We are seeing more motivation as a result; people are more engaged when they know they are cared about.

Our DRE Team recognizes the common reservations businesses may have when contemplating the transfer of their processes to an external service provider. However, drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve witnessed the tangible advantages of outsourcing. From enhanced efficiency to cost savings and access to specialized expertise. Through our firsthand experience, we’ve seen how outsourcing can streamline operations, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the capabilities of trusted partners. With a deep understanding of both the hesitations and the rewards, we’re here to guide businesses through the process, helping them unlock the full potential of outsourcing for their operations. Reach out
to one of our experts today and discover how we can help transform your business.

Nikki Labno Workforce Manager

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