Joseph McLean is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quavo Fraud & Disputes, the leading Fintech provider of automated chargeback management software and technology for issuing financial institutions. Joe oversees Quavo’s operations, business development, marketing, and client development teams to provide issuers with out-of-the-box fraud and dispute SaaS solutions capable of automating all the manual tasks associated with chargeback management.

Before Quavo, Joe was a Technical Executive, where he led claims and technology teams in the consumer operations division. Bringing over a decade of experience in fraud and dispute management, regulatory requirements, and chargeback technology, Joe co-founded Quavo in 2016 with the vision of offering software capable of automating all tasks involved in fraud and dispute management, from intake and investigation to resolution and recovery. Since then, Joe has established Quavo’s partnerships with clients like Galileo Technologies, KeyBank, Credit One Bank, and Cardworks.

Joe contributed his depth of knowledge and experience to the development of QFD™, Quavo’s automated, cloud-based dispute management software. He also oversaw the establishment of Dispute Resolution Experts™, Quavo’s back-office investigation team in Tempe, AZ. In 2020, Joe’s expertise in Reg E and Reg Z helped launch ARIA®, the world’s only AI capable of investigating fraud claims as a human would but within seconds and while upholding regulatory compliance.

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