Money 20/20 2022

Quavo Fraud & Disputes will be at Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas, NV, from October 23 – 26, 2022 at booth #3058. This year our team of experts will be on site to discuss our automated Disputes as a Service chargeback management offering for issuers. 

The offering features our QFDcloud-based software, our ARIAautomated intelligence technology, and our Dispute Resolution Experts™ back-office investigation outsourcing services.

Start automating for today, tomorrow. 

Disputes as a Service™

QFD® is the only cloud-based chargeback management software for issuing Fintechs and financial institutions that features automated workflows, continuous product support, API-enabled integrations, and assured compliance. QFD® features built-in regulatory and association compliance requirements that are automatically kept up to date to organize the order in which claims are processed accurately.

Dispute Resolution Experts™ is our back-office dispute investigation service featuring a team of experienced fraud and dispute analysts for issuers looking to outsource, but not offshore, their fraud and disputes shop. This service is only available to QFD® clients and can be used as much or as little as needed, helping issuers supplement their back-office team when necessary.

ARIA® is the only fraud management AI capable of conducting fraud investigations as a human would, within seconds and without risking human error. ARIA® works with QFD® to deliver fraud claim decisions in real-time. She can also integrate with virtually any fraud and dispute management software a client may have, whether it be a third-party or a customized in-house solution.

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