Disputes as a Service™

Traditionally, managing fraud and disputes has been lengthy, costly, and fragmented, resulting in inconsistent resolutions and incomplete recovery...until now. Quavo solutions are auditable, consistent, and effective, with hundreds of data points tracked throughout the process, supported by dedicated service from our fraud and dispute experts.

Quavo solutions streamline processes and increase efficiency through automation, automated intelligence technology, and back-office investigation services.


ARIA® is our revolutionary fraud management automated intelligence tool, capable of conducting investigations and delivering case decisions within seconds.

Man using fraud management AI ARIA on desktop computer
Woman using Quavo's QFD Automated Management Disputes


A cloud-based dispute management software, featuring automated workflows, assured regulatory compliance, and continued support after onboarding.

Woman using Quavo's QFD Automated Management Disputes

Dispute Resolution Experts™

Our human intelligence service featuring experienced fraud analysts available to manage as much – or as little – of the back-office investigation process as you need.

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Fraud and Dispute Consulting

Don’t know where to start? We offer consulting to help streamline your chargeback management operations and recommend the right solution for your team.

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“The Quavo team stood out because of their level of experience in dispute processing.”

Aime Orozco, Senior Director of Card Services

We offer innovative industry solutions for all types of issuers.


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