4 Game-Changing Benefits of Modernizing Your
Fraud & Dispute Management Webinar

Financial institutions suffer billions in losses, expenses, and fines every year due to fraud, and the resultant impact on customer trust and loyalty presents an even bigger problem. 77% of customers say they would leave their bank if they do not receive a refund for fraud, yet conversely, 80% say they would leave their bank for blocking a legitimate transaction. Is there any way to win this battle? Absolutely! But financial institutions must be willing to move away from antiquated systems and outdated processes that can no longer keep up with ever-evolving fraud and account holder expectations.

After nearly 20 years of working disputes at a top two bank and dealing first-hand with the challenges of outdated systems, Joseph McLean, Founder & CEO of Quavo Fraud & Disputes stepped out on his own to develop a better solution to significantly:

  • Reduce losses
  • Enhance the account holder experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Ensure regulatory and network compliance

How did he do it? What were the results? What are financial institutions saying about the AI-driven automation technology that has transformed fraud and dispute management? 


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What a great conversation to kick off the first Finovate webinar of 2024!

We were joined by Joseph W. McLean, CEO and Co-Founder of Quavo, and moderator David Penn, Research Analyst, Finovate, who deep dive into the game-changing benefits of modernizing your fraud and dispute management.

Some key points discussed were:

✔ The challenges people are facing including back-office expenses and account holder experience.
✔ How fraud and disputes is the most complex problem for most banks and the lack of technological solutions.
✔ The importance of modernizing your business.
✔ Your users will use your software in ways you wouldn’t have imagined when building it.
✔ Tangible benefits for end customers.
And much more…

Thank you to those who tuned in today for our webinar in collaboration with Quavo Fraud & Disputes, and to our speakers for sharing their insights. If you missed out today, then not to worry, you can catch up by watching the recording here👉 

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