Quantum Fraud and Disputes (QFD)

Is your fraud and dispute operations business costing your company money due to an inability to effectively recover losses or a lack of meaningful automation? Maybe the processes are inadvertently creating customer dissatisfaction by not taking advantage of creating a positive experience in a moment that truly matters. With significant fraud, disputes and intelligent business process management (BPM) experience, Quavo is uniquely positioned to help.

Quantum Fraud & Disputes (QFD) is a best-in-breed fraud and disputes solution built on Pega technology, and it is the only fully baked fraud and disputes solution in the industry that requires minimal-to no-configuration and customization by an issuer. Issuers have long believed that unique products and case types required distinct fraud and dispute workflows or even disparate applications. But Quavo’s experience tells a different story. 

QFD is built on a premise that the same simple workflow geared toward hyper automation and consistent, reliable processing is reusable across all products and case types. This advanced concept allows issuers to reduce expenses and losses while increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining industry compliance.

Optionally ARIA, our Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent, can be configured to your risk appetite for each dispute type.  This allows the rules engine to make automated decisions while enforcing your resolution parameters and your compliance rules. 

We offer operational models to suit your needs.  The traditional option allows for an on-premise implementation on your hardware with your team responsible for its operation.  Pega Cloud is the second option, allowing the software to run in the cloud and be operated by Pega technicians with Quavo providing application support.  Quavo also offers an “as a service” model where we are responsible for the full operation, update and maintenance of the complete solution.  We even offer BPaaS – Business Process as as Service where we will work your cases allowing your disputes department to be outsourced, but in a way that allows you to retain the primary customer contact.

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Issuer Benefits

Increase Satisfaction

The beauty of QFD lies in its simplicity. Regardless of product, case type or channel, the spectrum of work and outcomes is not broad. QFD’s architecture is built upon this narrow-spectrum construct, thus driving ease of use and consistency. Additionally, QFD is a build-once and reuse everywhere solution, and a single workflow to create cases is reusable across call centers, financial centers, online banking and mobile channels. QFD also accounts for cases started in one channel and completed in another, which is very popular with our customers because this consistency across case types provides the same excellent level of service and treatment regardless of issue or channel preference. 

Reduce Expenses

QFD reduces expenses by allowing issuers to setup automated decision points and functions throughout the entire case lifecycle. QFD—as much as the issuer desires—takes the work out of the agent’s hands. Furthermore, these automated decisions are hyper-configurable to allow issuers to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Issuers use the vast amount of data available to make intelligent decisions about the amount of automation or manual processing among any case type. Automated decisions drastically reduce the amount of work and rework required by both the customer and the agent to reach a successful resolution.


Ensuring industry compliance is often the focal point of fraud and dispute operations.  With QFD, managing to regulatory dates becomes a trivial matter. Strategically placed automated decision points solve the industry compliance problem by allowing the issuer to set up time sensitive rules in relation to any impacting regulation.  Using the QFD decision logic and taking on the bi-annual compliance packages will put any issuers mind at ease.  QFD also contains an adaptive control that provides an always visible view into upcoming regulatory dates. In addition, the “get next” functionality is configured in “Fusion” sessions to ensure cases with the highest priority are researched and worked first.

Reduce Losses

The QFD case workflow puts the issuer in a position to:

  • Increase recovery opportunity and success rates
  • Decrease representment volume
  • Increase avoidance opportunities
  • Reduce settled fraud and dispute transactions
  • Increase merchant refunds

The hyper-configuration capability of recovery rules allows issuers to be very surgical about when and what types of fraud and dispute recovery to pursue. Based upon market conditions, the rules can be quickly adapted to increase success rates. QFD also offers integration with third-party partners such as Ethoca and Verifi that allow the issuer to collaborate directly with the merchant. This innovative approach to recovering potentially lost funds results in either holding the customer liable or avoiding the chargeback process altogether via merchant collaboration.

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