The Hidden Costs of Fraud & Dispute Management Webinar

In our recent webinar with Finovate, Quavo’s SVP of Revenue was joined by KeyBank’s Head of Enterprise Fraud Services, Jen Martin, and discussed “The Hidden Costs of Fraud and Dispute Management.” 

“We could come to market faster [with Quavo] than a full build situation and see those improvements. We have seen improvements in chargeback recoveries, cycle times, our process, and operating more effectively and efficiently because of the increased automation that we have today that we did not have with our legacy system,” said KeyBank’s, Jen Martin.

“The product will not allow you to break out of those regulatory-compliant timeframes and workflows and it does create urgency within the system. What we have seen is within 90-days of going into production, we have been able to remove or resolve all compliance or regulatory issues that were present in the environment prior to our partnership,” said Quavo’s Brittany Usher.

Learn more about where to automate the chargeback process and reduce losses and dive into business case examples and the benefits of strategic partnerships.

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