Nick Facca

Director of Technology

In 2019, I searched for a new job after working as a controller at a scrap yard in Detroit. I reached out to one of my previous managers, and she pointed me in the direction of Quavo Fraud & Disputes. Her husband, David Chmielewski, was the COO & Co-Founder. I was hired as a Product Manager working with our current VP of Product, Devan Robertson. I was quickly moved into managing developers and leading our growing infrastructure team.

My current role as the Director of Technology finds me responsible for leading, acquiring, and developing the technical resources for implementations. In addition to working with our development team, I lead the internal IT and infrastructure teams on custom projects, audits, and compliance certifications such as SOC and PCI.

What I value about Quavo’s culture is its authenticity. We get to be ourselves at work, creating a comfortable environment. I don’t have to adjust who I am to fit a corporate mold.

I want to continue learning and growing with Data Security. Maybe it’s a lifetime of playing defense in hockey, but I have always enjoyed defending valuable assets and stopping others who are on the attack. Data Security is forever changing and evolving as we need to keep up with technology and attackers. Even following industry compliance standards can still leave vulnerabilities, and it is on my team to ensure that we find the best practices and inform our teammates who may not be as familiar with the technology.

I currently live in Sylvan Lake, MI, about 40 minutes north of Detroit, with my wife and two sons. Outside work, I like to play sports, whether it is hockey, lacrosse, golfing, or skiing. I also enjoy spending the warmer months with my family boating on Sylvan Lake.

Nick Facca

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