Matt Libiran

System Architect

I first met the Quavo team at a career fair during my final semester at Michigan State University. I was drawn to how welcoming and laid back everyone I spoke to was. After my interview, I was hired as an Associate Architect. I now hold the title of System Architect.

I appreciate the collaborative environment Quavo creates from top to bottom. Everyone I’ve worked with has always been open-minded to new ideas, and that’s always made me feel like my ideas were welcome.

I focus on developing an API for our fraud management AI , ARIA®. ARIA is currently the only software solution in the industry that automates investigations for fraud claims. Developing a new and innovative product like ARIA has been extremely rewarding. In the future, I plan to continue working for Quavo to develop new industry-leading fraud and dispute solutions.

Outside of my work at Quavo, I love being outside as much as possible. My favorite way to be outside is snowboarding in the winter and golfing in the summer. If I’m stuck inside, I’m probably doing something music-related. I grew up in a musically passionate family and picked up a few instruments along the way, but the drums have always been my main focus.

I currently live in Okemos, Michigan, with my girlfriend and friend from Michigan State University. We just bought a house, and I’m hoping to get a few pets soon!

Matt Libiran

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