Kylie Newell

Junior Graphic Designer

Having a job that constantly encourages me to grow as a person and as a professional is extremely meaningful. I joined the Quavo Team in October of 2020 as an intern; I initially heard about the position through a mutual friend, our Client Experience Associate, Joy Drassler. I accepted a position as a full-time Junior Graphic Designer in January of 2021.

I work closely with our Marketing Manager, Jennifer Marshall, daily. Jenn has allowed me to explore different design and marketing paths and continuously encourages me to expand my skillset. My friends and family often hear me say, “I would be happy to stay at Quavo forever,” and “I love my job so much.” In the future, I want to hold a managerial role and work with more graphic designers and creatives to support Quavo’s brand.

The work culture at Quavo is one of my favorite parts of the company. The workplace produces employees who work hard but acknowledges when a break is needed and how to have fun. As someone who graduated with an art degree, I never thought I’d feel so welcomed at a financial technology company. When I started as an intern, I was offered guidance and knowledge about the industry whenever I needed or asked for it. Being remote, I wouldn’t expect to feel so close to my team and co-workers, but through virtual happy hours, holiday parties, and more, I’ve come to feel like a part of the Quavo family.

Outside of work, I love to stay creative in any way possible. I enjoy baking and cooking and playing video games such as The Sims and Animal Crossing, which allow me to be creative in different ways. Although, much of my life outside of Quavo revolves around my puppy, Bagel. He goes just about everywhere with me, from attending work zoom calls to a day at the beach to Target runs.

I love to live outside of my comfort zone. I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California – a beach town in Los Angeles County. I moved across the country to attend Michigan State University, where I experienced an entirely new climate. Following graduation, my boyfriend, Bagel, and I moved to Norfolk, Virginia. As much as I love living in different places, my mom and sister are my best friends, so eventually, I want to move closer to home and get back to warmer weather.


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