Kaleb Robertson

System Architect Intern

What is your current position at Quavo? How long have you been an intern? Can you give me an idea of what your internship experience has been? 

While pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University, I started at Quavo in May of 2020 as a System Architect Intern. Throughout my time at Quavo, I have assumed many different tasks within the company. I have participated in all aspects of the application development lifecycle by applying the Scrum framework and values to deliver desired outcomes, engaged with stakeholders across multiple disciplines and departments, developed an automated solution for processing credit card chargebacks in an external system, and provided technical application support. Additionally, I have become a certified Pega System Architect.  

What is your favorite project you have worked on during the span of your internship? 

The Dispute Resolution Experts Chargeback Automation project is my favorite project that I have worked on here at Quavo. I acquired this project as a very open-ended approach to a needed solution, and as a result, I had a lot of freedom and responsibility. The Dispute Resolution Experts Chargeback Automation project allowed me to learn about all aspects of the development cycle. Over time, I got to take the project from just a hopeful idea into a fully functional application that has relieved the operations center of extensive manual work.  

What are some lessons you have learned from your time at Quavo? 

One should explore every solution to a given problem. Sometimes, the correct answer is not always clear-cut or obvious. My time at Quavo has been full of helpful advice and opportunities. The Quavo community is eager to see others succeed and provides you with the guidance, leadership, and encouragement to aid one another. 

What are your future goals? 

I hope to continue tackling new projects and contributing to the Quavo team while finishing my degree at ASU.  

Outside of work, what do you do in your free time? 

With summer approaching, I will be spending most of my time on lakes and rivers. I enjoy wakeboarding, cliff jumping, and tubing.

Kaleb Robertson

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