Julia Lum

Brand Marketing Intern

How long have you been at Quavo? 

I was recently added to the marketing team in March as a Brand Marketing Intern. Some of my roles consist of assisting with copy, analyzing data metrics, and supporting the website content.  

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on so far? 

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of Quavo as a company. I have not been with the company long but have gained an immense amount of guidance, information, and words of encouragement from each of my team members. I look forward to what the rest of my internship has to offer.  

Where do you see your position here at Quavo going?  

Ideally, I hope to remain with Quavo following my internship. I would love to fulfill a role on the marketing team as a Marketing Coordinator.  

What is the most important/relevant thing Quavo has taught you throughout your internship? 

Quavo has taught me to follow my gut instinct yet continue to remain curious. Although it may seem obvious, I feel it is essential to ask the silly questions; overall, these questions only benefit you in the long run.  

Tell us about your education/experience before Quavo and how it brought you here? 

My path has been far from straightforward. I bring a unique background to the Quavo team. I studied Human Development and Family Studies at Michigan State University only to further my education in an area quite the opposite. In December, I completed a master’s program in Fashion Marketing. Working for a Fintech was slightly out of my comfort zone and extremely new to me. The learning process has been insightful and challenging, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Outside of work, you can find me on a boat in the summertime with friends and family. I also enjoy discovering new places to eat and drink, along with the occasional shopping. 

Julia Lum Brand Marketing Coordinator

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