Jerome Recker

Senior Framework Architect

I was brought on to the Quavo team in 2017 to lead the development effort for a Smart Dispute implementation for one of our clients. My history with the Quavo team goes back much further than 2017, as I worked with several of our partners and developers at Bank of America and Auto-Owners Insurance before that.

For the past few years, my primary role has been to provide Pega with expertise for different implementations while working closely with our business team, developers, and the various client shareholders. As a Senior Framework Architect, I’ve always tried to enforce consistency and best practices across these implementations.

Until recently, I had not done much work at the product level. Lately, my focus has shifted towards finding ways to make the implementations easier to configure and maintain. This change has given me a chance to get my hands on more product-level code, which is fun because it is new to me and the effects provide a more considerable overall impact on the company. This opportunity has forced me to see more of the product’s inner workings, leading me to become a better developer.

I have always felt valued and appreciated at Quavo, and every day, I get to wake up to work with friends. I thrive in an environment where I can work hard, play hard, and not worry about being micromanaged, and Quavo provides me that opportunity.

When I think of my future, I like to tell myself that I see myself putting my feet up on the desk, relaxing, and watching Quavo print money. In reality, though, I like to work hard, and after QFD™, I will probably be grinding away at the next big thing that Quavo has to offer.

Outside of work, the next thing that I spend the most time doing is running. I hope to compete at the national level in a few years when I become a “masters” runner. I successfully make time to drink snobby beers and eat fancy and tasty foods. In the future, I hope to find more time to teach myself piano and guitar. I currently live in Lansing and have a cat named Winston. He loves me like a dog loves its owner and follows me everywhere that I go.

Jerome Recker, Senior Framework Architect

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