Jered Brophy

System Architect Intern

Tell us a little about your role at Quavo.  

I have been at Quavo as a System Architect Intern for almost a year. My internship has allowed me to leverage my Computer Science Engineering major and my Spanish minor. While working on a localization project, I translated the QFD™ intake process to Spanish. This was one of the many goals I set for myself throughout my internship. I am constantly learning more about the Pegasystems software; I see this as an opportunity to assist in more areas at Quavo.  

What is something that Quavo has taught you as a professional?  

Quavo has taught me to be persistent and to continue working on innovative projects. Through the support of my co-workers, I have always been able to push past any roadblocks.

What is your favorite thing about Quavo? 

The atmosphere of Quavo has to be my favorite. Working with people you also hang out with outside of work makes the whole work experience that much better. The work environment is very stress-free. The Quavo team provides endless support to their employees, but there is much fun involved when time allows.  

Give a glimpse of your future! Where do you see it going? 

I want to continue developing my knowledge and skills with the Quavo software systems. I am currently working on my Computer Science degree from Michigan State University, and the Quavo internship fully aligns with my long-term career goals. I hope to become a mentor to other student interns and provide them with the guidance and encouragement Quavo offered me.  

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Outside of work, I love to spend time with friends. Before COVID-19, I frequently visited friends at Grand Valley State University, but my routine has since changed. I picked up streaming on Twitch in addition to making YouTube videos in my spare time. Both activities are fun and can be an additional source of revenue.  

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