Eileen Mata

Dispute Analyst

I started my career at Quavo as a software tester working on projects for our QFD™ automated dispute management software. As we continued to grow and bring on clients looking to outsource all or part of their back office staff, my role developed into a Dispute Analyst as part of Quavo’s Dispute Resolution Experts™ human intelligence office in Arizona.

As a Dispute Analyst, making the right decision for our client and their account holders is the most meaningful part of my job. My daily responsibilities include investigating claims and determining whether the account holder is eligible for provisional credit. From there I work with the team to process the chargeback, should the dispute warrant a larger investigation. It is my job to utilize all our investigative resources before a pay or deny decision is made.

One of my favorite things about Quavo is how unifying it is. Everyone supports one another while maintaining ownership of individual projects. I see myself continuing to grow within the operations team. There are endless opportunities for expansion and continuous improvement, whether it be to the claims process as a whole or to the software itself, and I want to help those efforts. In five years, I hope to be an integral leader in Quavo’s vision to continuously improve how disputes are filed and processed, through both AI and human intelligence solutions.

My home base is Maricopa, AZ. Outside of work, you can find me camping at the lake, traveling to places that I’ve never been to, or spending time with friends and family.

Eileen Mata

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