Billy Vivian

Framework Architect

I joined Quavo Fraud & Disputes in December of 2016 as a contractor for the U.S. Census project in preparation for the 2020 Census. Before joining Quavo, I worked for Bank of America, where I was introduced to Quavo’s Co-Founders. My first day at Quavo was unlike any first day I could have imagined. The morning I started, I traveled to Washington, D.C., and met with two other Quavo employees to begin our initial Quavo journey on the Census project. From there, Quavo kept growing, and our group of three in D.C. turned into five and then 15, and now we are here with over 70 employees! Census was just the start, as I would then move on to contracting work for CSC, Trustone, DLL, and various implementations until finding my home on the QFD® Product Team.

QFD® is an application unlike many of the other projects I have been on. It is vast, complex, and sometimes intimidating. As a Framework Architect on the Product Support Team, I get to analyze and triage so many aspects of the application that I am constantly exposed to something new. There have been so many brains involved with QFD® that just reverse engineering our platform gives me opportunities to learn new techniques or apply existing patterns I would have never thought were possible. I am always looking to learn, and being in the thick of our solutions gives me that opportunity.

My favorite thing about the Quavo culture is trust. Quavo has always trusted me on how I do my job; whether I am working on the QFD® product or providing services as a contractor, I always know Quavo has my back in my work decisions. This allows me the freedom to go about my day as I see fit to solve my tasks at hand without feeling like I am under a microscope. Knowing that I can work day in and day out with those freedoms puts me in an atmosphere where I can be most successful.

As my career at Quavo progresses, I look to continue to help and guide the development teams of our platform and expand my knowledge of financial industries. With knowledge comes power, and learning as much as possible about the financial industry and fintech space will guide the developmental decisions I can make to take our application to the next level.

I ride the complete spectrum of being lazy and active. TV is great, but exercise is awesome too. Woodturning on my lathe has also turned into a fun hobby of mine. Being able to take wooden boards, glue them together and then turn them into a bowl, wine stopper, or pen lets my creativity fly in a tangible way.

Home for me is Havre de Grace, MD, with my fiancée, Lisa, and our two dogs, Ace and Luna. We enjoy getting out and being active with the dogs as much as possible. Luna loves a good hike, and Ace is a 60 lb Australian Shepherd who needs a life vest to swim; trust me, it is necessary. When it is time for us to be lazy, you can find us watching a good tv show or movie. If anyone is up to date on Better Call Saul, I’m always up to chat.

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