Andy Weedman

Framework Architect

Being a lifelong learner with a strong passion for entrepreneurship, I have found my position at Quavo to be the perfect fit for me to achieve my personal and professional goals. As a Framework Architect, I can work on all aspects of our IT stack. These duties include writing code, interfacing with core banking systems, setting up an internal social network, and managing our AWS Cloud. The scope of my work extends further than a typical developer, which is one of my favorite things about working for this company.

Each day presents a new challenge that keeps me engaged and learning. Quavo is a smaller company; this factor enables me to see a direct connection between the work I have performed and the success of our company. It has been a fun journey seeing what our team at Quavo has accomplished in such a short time. Within the Quavo team, there are no insignificant cogs in the machine, only highly motivated significant contributors.

I currently reside in Sellersburg, Indiana, just north of Louisville, KY, with my wife and three children. I am a strong advocate for STEM-based curriculum and activities in early education. Outside of work, I run a robotics club for a local elementary school. Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to teach the basics of programming in a fun and engaging way to hundreds of 3rd and 4th-grade students.

I recently started to take up 3D modeling and printing. It has been interesting to think of an idea and, within a few hours, model and print a prototype and then quickly iterate the design to improve it. I also play the trumpet in the IUS concert band and help on annual computerized light shows during the holiday season.

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