Adriana Corrales Carvajal

System Architect

Tell us your story! How did you join the Quavo Team?

I first heard about Quavo Fraud & Disputes in 2017 while living in Costa Rica. I worked with the team to implement a Pega Solution to replace our In-House Dispute System. The company I worked for needed to learn more about the Pega platform and Quavo was hired to help. I worked for two years alongside the Quavo team, and many changes happened during this time. I was given an opportunity to work for Quavo, not just alongside the company.

Tell us what is important to you about the Quavo culture.

Throughout my time at Quavo, I have enjoyed the team spirit, how team members take their time to coach employees, help achieve goals, and how ideas are taken into consideration, making you feel important and valuable to the company.

Tell us what you do! What is meaningful to you about your role and position at Quavo?

Twenty years ago, I told one of my friends that I wanted to do something meaningful to impact many people’s lives. He laughed and said, “I don’t think you can do that.” Working for the foundation team and having the opportunity to contribute to building a solution that helps our clients handle their customer’s claims is a way to fulfill my dream of helping many!

Look into the future! Where do you see yourself in the industry?

Five years from now, I see myself still working in the Banking Industry with my SSA and preparing for my LSA, combined with a better understanding of the Rules for Claim resolutions in North America and LATAM markets.

Let’s learn more about you! Tell us about what you do outside of work.

Right now, I am trying to figure out how to balance work with a new parenting life in another country. When I’m not in front of my computer, I enjoy reading Spanish books to my daughter, going for walks with my dog, and researching and cooking new recipes to feed my picky eaters!

The important details! Where do you reside?

I live in Rhode Island with my husband Jacob (who is also a Quavo team member), our daughter Samantha, and our dog Sal. I am very grateful for my decision to join the Quavo team!  

Adriana Corrales Carvajal Headshot

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