Aafie Somers

Technical Training Specialist

Tell us your story! How did you join the Quavo Team?

After supporting other organizations in their internal training efforts, I decided that a pivot towards client-facing education in SaaS would be a valuable experience. The unique combination of innovative work and new technology drew me to Quavo Fraud & Disputes.

Tell us what is important to you about the Quavo culture.

Quavo leadership believes in empowering employees to use their expertise and experience to do good work. It’s refreshing to bring my ideas to the table and have meaningful conversations that lead to results. Everyone is accessible. Here at Quavo, you’re encouraged to have a dialogue with whomever you need, from entry-level personnel to executives.

Tell us what you do! What is meaningful to you about your role and position at Quavo?

Helping people get that “ah ha!” lightbulb moment keeps me motivated. I love sharing what I know with others. It means the world to me that my audience will take the new information I’ve provided and use it to carve their path. As a technical trainer, it’s all about setting up a foundation of knowledge which success can be built upon.

Look into the future! Where do you see yourself in the industry?

I want to continue supporting others achieve their career goals through learning and development. In the future, I envision myself moving into a management role where I can uplift other education professionals. Quavo is driving new, disruptive technology in the financial disputes space. To support our growth, I want to help develop Quavo experts who will then partner with clients to create more Quavo experts.

Let’s learn more about you! Tell us about what you do outside of work.

I think my flair for creativity is one of the reasons why I love my job – I get to create training content using a combination of science and graphic design! When I’m not working, I like to create digital art pieces and read books on poetry and science fiction. Speaking of, I love Star Trek, so you can catch me binging just about every season of the series.

The important details! Where do you reside?

I’ve spent most of my life in Arizona and have been living in Tempe for the last six years. I love living in a vibrant and active city full of life and culture. The weather’s not too bad, either! After work on Fridays, my friends and I frequent local bars to detox from the workweek grind. We build camaraderie by gaming together. Some of my favorite memories are from couch co-op nights playing Mario Kart or Smash Bros.

Aafie Somers Headshot

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