Dispute Management Software that is Automatically Compliant

Quavo ensures that bi-annual association mandates are automatically applied to our dispute management software. This optimizes your chargeback recovery, while also preventing fines and penalties. Stay focused on your account holders while we deal with the lengthy and complex biannual mandate changes.

Never Miss a Date

Built In Reg Handling

Regulations E and Z seem simple. Full compliance is not. QFD ensures that the rules are followed but doesn’t require extensive experience with them. Focus on taking care of your account holder and let the system keep you compliant with regulations.

We read the bulletins so you don't have to

Association Rules Included

Stop tracking down information from account holders and pouring over strange data points to figure out if you have chargeback rights. We’ve built the rules into the system and keep them updated.

Auditors love us

Extensive Audit and Historical Data

Every action the system takes is tracked extensively. Hundreds of data points are tracked throughout the dispute process. Centrally located documents, merchant, account holder and association communication are always available and never destroyed.

Compliant Communication

Communication templates are consistently compliant

Advanced Reporting

All system and user actions are reportable and reconcilable

Built-In SLAs

All association and regulatory SLAs are built in and tracked automatically