Fraud & Dispute Management Software Now Features Spanish Language

Earlier this month Quavo, Inc. announced a new Spanish language intake capability for their premier dispute management software, QFD™. QFD automates processing workflows for financial institutions and Fintech organizations to better manage fraud and disputes. The new Spanish language intake feature allows account holders to communicate in their native language when disputing a charge, either via a self-service portal or with a front office agent. QFD’s Spanish intake marks a milestone in Quavo’s mission to provide dispute management solutions that drive better account holder communication channels for faster case resolution.

Issuers can choose that Spanish be presented to customers during self-service as part of a language preference selection, or that it be automatically applied from the account holder’s core banking platform preferences. Quavo’s QFD software can integrate with any core banking system, allowing it to inherit the client system of record and automatically apply an account holder’s preferred language, without any additional steps.

The Spanish intake add-on also features translated customer communication channel. QFD’s Spanish intake capability leverages the automation that Quavo is known for, automatically translating both email and letter correspondences whenever the account holder’s language preference is set to Spanish.

Association mandates stipulate that all information collected during a fraud and disputes investigation be available in English. This will require a subsequent manual review of Spanish language cases. To streamline this process, QFD has a field for agents to add the necessary notes needed during a manual review. This process can be customized to match your internal procedures and processes.

Spanish intake is part of Quavo’s goal to offer dispute management solutions that are as streamlined as possible. QFD’s Spanish language capability will help financial institutions and Fintech organizations reach successful case resolutions faster and provide better experiences for their clients. For more information about Quavo’s Disputes as a Service offering contact our experts online or via

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