Quavo, Inc. Secures Trademark Registration for Automated Fraud Management Tool ARIA®

ARIA® investigates fraudulent transactions within seconds, like a human would.

East Lansing, MI – May 4, 2023 – Quavo Fraud & Disputes has secured its first trademark registration (no. 7,022,021) for its automated intelligence tool, ARIA®. Quavo’s revolutionary fraud management technology is used by issuing banks and financial institutions to automatically investigate fraud claims and deliver case decisions in real time, as a human would but without the risk of human error.

ARIA Fraud Management AIARIA® significantly reduces operational overhead for issuing financial institutions, allowing organizations to investigate all fraud claims, regardless of claim volumes. The name “ARIA” stands for Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent, a term derived from the regulatory language around federal requirements for issuers when acting on fraudulent transactions. ARIA® makes consistent case decisions while conducting and compiling claim information, upholding complex regulatory compliance requirements like Regs E and Z.

“The fintech industry has neglected fraud management for years, so ARIA is lightyears ahead of the game. Her registration underpins Quavo as the authority in fraud solutions, serving notice for FIs to ‘get onboard or be left behind’,” said Quavo’s CRO Brittany Usher. “And given the volatile state of our economy and increased financial fraud, being left behind is a risk banks can no longer afford.”

ARIA® serves as a complementary product to QFD™, Quavo’s end-to-end, automated dispute management SaaS platform. QFD™ is currently under application for registration.

“We are proud to introduce ARIA as a trademarked name and welcome everyone in the disputes industry to reach out and find out what she’s all about,” said CTO and Co-Founder David Chmielewski.

Watch as ARIA® helps banks by replacing manual tasks in the back-office so that employees may focus on more meaningful tasks for more rewarding careers.

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