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Quavo, Inc Appoints Brittany Usher to Executive Team as First Female and Non-Founding Member

EAST LANSING, MI, March 29, 2022 – Quavo Fraud & Disputes has appointed Brittany Usher to its executive team, making her the first female non-founding member. This coincides with her promotion to Senior Vice President, Revenue Executive, marking a significant milestone for the company after FINTOP Capital’s recent Series A investment. This news underscores Quavo’s continued growth as the world’s only provider of a fully automated fraud and dispute management SaaS offering for issuing financial institutions.

Usher, who has been with Quavo since 2019, previously served as the Director of Client, Brand, and Operations. Holding over a decade of business development and enterprise strategy experience, Usher has been the driving force behind executing the company’s transition from customized applications to a SaaS product model. By implementing her Disputes as a ServiceTM pricing structure, Usher increased Quavo’s total pipeline by 400%, closing $24.11MM in new deals within the first year of re-alignment.

“Brittany has been an invaluable asset at Quavo since she started,” said Quavo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Joe McLean. “She rewrote the book on how we go to market with our products. Every day she pushes Quavo to become the best company it can be. We are extremely fortunate to have her on the executive team.”

Usher stresses the need to constantly evaluate and evolve product and pricing models while growing Quavo’s client footprint and fostering new opportunities, serving as a significant catalyst to the company’s portfolio. She is a proven innovator and future-focused leader.

“As Quavo expands its footprint globally and through B2B2C partnerships, Brittany’s vision and tenacity will be instrumental to our expansion,” commented Richard Jefferson, Quavo’s Co-Founder and Business Development Executive. “She exudes teamwork – and we are excited to join her to create this future.”

Through Usher’s continued leadership, Quavo is forecasted to increase 2022 annual recurring revenue by almost 250% over 2021 actuals. Her next project is Quavo’s launch of an interactive fraud and dispute management e-learning platform to revive the industry’s existing knowledge base through premier training and ongoing education for both clients and Quavo employees. Brittany Usher’s efforts further drive Quavo as the world’s leading provider of automated, cloud-based fraud and dispute management SaaS solutions for issuers.


Quavo is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based dispute management solutions for financial institutions and Fintech organizations. Quavo offers turnkey, automated software solutions for disputes with complete Reg E and Reg Z compliance. Quavo’s premier software solutions are QFD® and ARIA®. QFD® automates fraud and dispute processing workflows, from intake to case resolution. Our fraud management AI, ARIA®, conducts the investigation process to reach decisions as a human would, in a matter of seconds. Quavo also provides add-ons to the QFDTM software, namely Dispute Resolution Experts™, our human intelligence service.

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