Q3 2023

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Welcome to the first edition of The Quavo Quarterly, a newsletter we created exclusively for YOU to deliver the most important information, updates, and resources.

23.04 Product Update

23.04 Product Release​

QFD® has a new external case status widget for account holders to more easily access status claim status information. Enhanced automation has been added for ACH, RTP, Zelle, and Bill Pay claim processing.

October Mandate Updates​


Product Roadmap

Keep a look out for future QFD® product updates around additional Bill Pay transaction types, chargeback recovery-only decisioning, claim investigation reasoning, and new AMEX API integration. 

Partner Spotlight​

Quavo Partners with Snowflake to Deliver Greater Visibility into the Payment Dispute Process for Clients


Client Spotlight

Quavo recently partnered with KeyBank to deliver ACH straight-through processing, the latest of many innovations the partnership has accomplished. 


Need to Knows

Quavo strongly advises clients use QFD’s default (yet configurable) standard letters, rather than customizing their own. Our latest “Need to Know” resource explains why. 


Tips & Best Practices

These tips are easy to implement and will support healthy volumes. Discover more best practices here.


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