Quantum Accelerators

Our Fusion best practices methodology allows customers to benefit from a Quantum Evolution in application development. That’s why we created our company name Quavo from our goal of delivering a Quantum Evolution to each customer.

Quantum Accelerators

We strive to deliver value as fast as possible to our customers by leveraging the incredible power of the Pega platform. Through years of research and development, we have created a large inventory of assets and accelerators that we can bring into each new project to take delivery time from many months to several weeks. We have hundreds of configured accelerators that include business rules, process flows, and integration for some of the most common use cases in the industry including:

  • Pega Customer Service cases and design patterns
  • Loan Origination and New Account Onboarding
  • Customer Complaint Resolution
  • Incident Reporting and Resolution
  • Standardized End to End Case Management

Pega Strategic Applications

Quavo is focused on being Pega’s premier partner for Financial Services through delivery of our own accelerators as well as Pega’s Strategic Applications. Our team has hundreds of years of experience leveraging Pega for some of the largest financial services companies and our goal is to bring that “big bank” technology to the masses. We are experts on the latest Pega has to offer and your best choice when implementing applications such as Pega Customer Service, Client Lifecycle Management, KYC and beyond.