Best Practices

The Quavo methodology is derived from the intersection of deep business domain expertise, deep Pega technology expertise, and a highly agile stage where customers, domain experts and technical experts can freely interact.  This drives the fusion of business and technology to create applications that are truly agile.  Requirements continuously change due to competitive pressures and technological advancements.  Our methodology allows your application to change on demand and within your control.

Our Fusion Process

Through our Fusion process for application development, Quavo implements a continuous improvement methodology that ensures quality and efficiency.

  • Idea  Our expert team skillfully pairs components, applications or frameworks with anticipated business needs.
  • Design  Developers reuse existing or create end-to-end flow designs on top of the selected frameworks and components.
  • Collaborate  Business experts, developers, testers and technical writers collaborate in impetus sessions to develop and deliver a final product.
  • Deliver  Milestone releases are deployed to production and users are onboarded to the new processes.
  • Refine  User feedback becomes a catalyst for the next session.

The Pega Infinity Platform

Through our Fusion methodology, Quavo leverages the Pega Infinity Platform for business process management and for its business rules engine, which allow us to create business-specific applications that require minimal client customization. Quavo leverages both scrum and extreme programming to deliver results.

Silo Avoidance

Quavo’s deep experience along with your individual company’s structure and needs will leave you with an enterprise-level solution that allows you to gain efficiency by not building in silos. Our applications are designed to play nicely with other applications built on the Pega Platform.

Quantum Core Accelerator

Quavo has developed a set of reusable assets that accelerate the development of applications.  These are composed of utilities and core business process workflows for complaints, onboarding (both loan and deposit) and AML (KYC and transaction investigations).  These components are continuously improved and drive quicker, more cost effective implementations.

Business Expertise

At Quavo, we understand client goals because most of us have been clients in the past. We have deep knowledge in the retail financial services industry, including transaction disputes, onboarding/KYC, case management and digital integration.

Technical Expertise

Our technical team consists of some of the premier Pega developers in the world, and we are able to translate our technical knowledge into standard business terms for ease of communication. Our team has decades of combined experience designing, building and supporting applications built in Pega, and we pride ourselves in professionalism, organization, timeliness of delivery, innovation and ensuring our clients feel like part of the team.

Emerging Talent Program

Through our emerging talent program, we recruit recent college graduates and provide them with thorough training in our methodology.  We do not believe in off shore models. Our teams are encouraged to work closely together and help each other succeed, and we ensure thorough code reviews that ensure standards are adhered to per our best practices. A core senior team of experienced Pega developers help with overall application design and ensure that our proven interview methodology is consistently implemented.

The Result – Holistic Development Teams

Quavo has perfected our Fusion methodology that uses recent college graduates combined with our Quantum Core application accelerators to create highly efficient and effective co-located application teams. This highly scalable approach has proven to be two-to-five times more effective than offshore development structures. It allows customers to benefit from a Quantum Evolution in application development.