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How to Reduce Call Times During a Fraud & Dispute Intake?

Did you know that, when collecting information for fraud and disputes, your investigators are not required to review case fees or merchant refunds with account holders prior to making decisions? Quavo’s dispute management solutions integrate with core processors to automatically show all the account information needed for a case resolution on one, easily accessible platform. This way your team won’t spend time on lengthy calls or callbacks.

With QFD® automated dispute management software, you can:

  • Reduce call times by 40%

  • Spend less than 5 minutes on the phone

Streamlined Processes

Reviewing fees with the account holder is one of many steps in the dispute management process that can be eliminated to reduce call times and speed up case resolution. Quavo’s fraud and dispute experts have decades of experience in fraud and dispute compliance, which is why we identified and removed unnecessary actions from our dispute management software for a fully automated and streamlined solution.

Our automated dispute management software is designed to collect only relevant, mandated information when determining the outcome of a dispute. It does this with tested and proven questionnaires strategically designed to guide effective and consistent account holder communication. Additionally, QFD supports all core banking systems and card processors to automatically collect data needed for a decision, significantly reducing your team’s average channel time. Quavo’s dispute management solutions make difficult phone calls and callbacks a thing of the past.

Quavo’s Disputes as a Service Offering

Quavo’s automated fraud and dispute SaaS solutions keep your financial institution fully compliant and efficient in the ever-changing financial landscape. Our QFD software automatically updates to comply with new association mandates and it is fully supported by our team of experts. Quavo increases your savings per transaction by freeing up internal resources and achieving faster resolution times, so you can get back to focusing on core business initiatives.


Jennifer Marshall Growth Marketing Manager

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