October 2022 Association Mandates for Fraud & Disputes

QFD™ Fall Updates

Quavo Experts compiled everything issuers need to know regarding the October 2022 Visa/Mastercard chargeback mandate updates. The enacted changes will go into effect on October 15, 2022. Read more to learn how your fraud and disputes shop will be affected. 

Automated Fuel Dispenser Chargeback Protection
Mastercard will increase the chargeback protection amount at Automated Fuel Dispensers in the U.S. region for merchants.

Merchandise Cancelled Prior to Shipment Questionnaire Requirements
A new required intake question for Cancelled Merchandise claims has been added to determine if the cardholder cancelled prior to the shipment date.

Purchase Info Available Indicator
Added a new element Purchase Info Available Indicator to be mapped that is received after a case was created. The Purchase Info Available Indicator would reflect as “True” if the merchant provided transaction purchase details.

Manual Interest Calculation
Users can now enter an amount in a freeform box for interest calculation instead of being required to use the calculator view.

Manual Fee Review for Overdraft Funding Account
Users can now add a manual fee that occurred on an overdraft funding account. A new configurable setting named “Enabled Manual Overdraft Funding Account Free Review” was created to enable this user assignment.

Foreign Transaction Report
A new report has been add called “Foreign Transaction Report” that shows all items which received credit the day prior and are foreign transactions.

Approaching Reg or Chargeback Deadline Reports
Added new reports to the Work section that can be used to identify disputes approaching regulation and chargeback deadline dates.

Letter Updates
Verbiage on letters have been updated to better align with regulatory requirements. The following letters are impacted: Confirmation letter, Feed and Interest letter, No Error letter, Credit Voucher Deny letter, Provision Credit Reversed letter.

Quavo’s Continued Support

All changes summarized in the 2022 October Mandates have been automatically updated in Quavo’s QFD™ platform, ensuring client compliance. As part of Quavo’s dedication to assuring compliance for our clients, our team of experts created various resources to guide your team through the latest mandate updates. Watch our latest video as Quavo’s Fraud and Disputes Industry Principal, Ben Anderson, walks through each update and the corresponding QFD™ changes.

Staying compliant is complicated. Quavo’s Disputes as Service offerings are automatically updated with the latest bi-annual association mandates ensuring compliance within your financial institution. Continued support after onboarding removes the need for your team to sift through lengthy mandates while providing a seamless transition. Are you ready to change the way you work disputes? Find out more from one of our fraud and dispute experts today.


Aafie Somers Client Training Specialist
Benjamin Anderson Technical Training Manager

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