Reduce Losses from Fraud & Disputes with Automation

QFD reduces expenses by allowing issuers to setup automated decision points and functions throughout the entire case lifecycle. QFD—as much as the issuer desires—takes the work out of the agent’s hands. Furthermore, these automated decisions are hyper-configurable to allow issuers to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Issuers use the vast amount of data available to make intelligent decisions about the amount of automation or manual processing among any case type. Automated decisions drastically reduce the amount of work and rework required by both the customer and the agent to reach a successful resolution.

Make the Best Decisions

Automated Decision Engine

There are a wealth of configuration points, all preconfigured with industry best practices. Don’t want to work low dollar disputes? Easy. Tired of spending time reviewing representments you know you can’t win? No problem.

No More Copying and Pasting

Seamless Processing

Disputes are filed with information that comes from your system of record and enter your back office without any translation required. The right information for the type of dispute is available immediately. Accounting happens for the right amount on the right accounts every time. Integration with Visa and Mastercard keep your users out of green screens.

Always Work the Right Case

Intelligent Workforce Management

Stop working cases from spreadsheets and trying to figure out what the most important tasks are. QFD is built on the Pega platform, the industry leading case management system. “Get Next Work” functionality gives users the most important work at the click of a button. Automation handles most case tasks and employees are only involved for the most challenging assignments.

Straight Through Processing

Cases can be resolved with no human intervention

Advanced Reporting

Many out of box reports and the ability to make your own

Integrated Case Communication

Fully automated email and paper mail communication directly on the case

Always Up to Date, Always Compliant

Stop spending time reading association manuals and regulations

Self Service Capability

Self service filing, status and actions keep many tasks away from back office staff

Business Delegated Changes

Modify many areas of the system without the need for IT