Increase Account Holder Experience with Automated Dispute Management Software

The beauty of QFD lies in its simplicity. Regardless of product, case type or channel, the spectrum of work and outcomes is not broad. QFD’s architecture is built upon this narrow-spectrum construct, thus driving ease of use and consistency. Additionally, QFD is a build-once and reuse everywhere solution, and a single workflow to create cases is reusable across call centers, financial centers, online banking and mobile channels. QFD also accounts for cases started in one channel and completed in another, which is very popular with our customers because this consistency across case types provides the same excellent level of service and treatment regardless of issue or channel preference.

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Unified Intake Process

QFD presents the same case filing process whether the Accountholder goes through the online portal, their mobile device, calls in or goes to a branch. In fact, your customer service representatives also use the same process. This build once and reuse everywhere approach keeps things consistent for everyone.

What Happens Next

Clear Communication

QFD comes with many pre-built communication templates that keep the Accountholder informed throughout the dispute process. Templates can be modified to represent your brand and treatment while keeping compliant. Best of all – QFD’s templates are built once and reused across all channels – email, paper or secure messaging.

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Always up-to-date Status

Front line employees and Accountholders alike do not deal with disputes on a day to day basis. They need clear, simple answers about where a case is and what is needed (if anything) to continue. QFD has you covered with a simple status display that is never out of date. In addition, simple actions can be taken such as withdrawing the case, attaching documents, escalations or adding notes.